1 week to SECODIC 2016

Next week, on August 31st, the workshop on Secure and Efficient Outsourcing of Storage and Computation of Data in the Cloud (SECODIC 2016) will take place under the umbrella of the ARES 2016 conference.

Jointly organized by the H2020 projects WITDOM and TREDISEC, the workshop also counts on talks related to the research projects PRISMACLOUD, CREDENTIAL, CLARUS and Coco Cloud.

WITDOM will be represented by

  • Ms. Elsa Prieto, WITDOM coordinator, who will open the workshop with an overview of the project
  • Ms. Eduarda Freire (IBM) with the talk “Key-evolving dynamic data masking”, directly linked to the data masking component of WITDOM architecture, one of the WITDOM protection components that contributes to guarantee the privacy of data oursourced to untrusted environments, and
  • Mr. Sujoy Sinha Roy (KU Leuven) with the talk “Hardware Assisted Fully Homomorphic Function Evaluation”, related to the Secure Computation component, which provides the cryptographic capabilities to the WITDOM end to end security framework

Abstracts about these talks can be found in the flyer below.