D4.6. Final specification of the adaptation layer for Cloud computing

The adaptation layer for cloud computing presented in this deliverable considers a hybrid cloud model used for WITDOM, where the trusted domain relies on a private cloud infrastructures, such as OpenStack, while the untrusted domain benefits from the use of public clouds, such as AmazonWeb Services.

All components in the hybrid cloud are provisioned and managed by an open-source cloud orchestrator software, named Cloudify, which allows WITDOM users to automate the deployment of WITDOM components and efficient usage of the infrastructure. Components are packaged and deployed in software containers, using for example the open-source platform Docker, to enable easy deployment of dependencies and continuous integration.

The adapted architecture to the cloud also enables protection components to benefit from big data processing mechanisms, e.g., distributed and parallel processing of large volumes of input data, which is extremely important in the e-Health and financial scenarios. For this, a big data component is added as an extra component in the WITDOM architecture.

This deliverable specifies in detail how the core components and protection components are adapted to the cloud computing framework.