SECODIC 2016: Workshop on Secure and Efficient Outsourcing of Storage and Computation of Data in the Cloud

Salzburg, Austria

Data masking, data-centric security, proxy re-encryption, malleable signature, homomorphic encryption, verifiable evaluation and verifiable searchable encryption. These are the main topics covered in the SECODIC2016 workshop that took place on August 31st in Salzburg, Austria, at the ARES 2016 Conference. This relates to the research work by the projects WITDOM, TREDISEC, PRISMACLOUD, CREDENTIAL, CLARUS and Coco Cloud, which offered interesting views how to address existing security and privacy risk of data outsourced to the Cloud.

The workshop also count on the keynote speech by Professor N. Asokan, who outlined some cloud-assisted services and
the apparent conflicts that arise while trying to secure these services.

WITDOM presented the work related to data masking and homomorphic encryption by IBM Research and KU Leuven - COSIC, which will have a direct impact in the solutions WITDOM is developing.

Some moments of the workshop:

Elsa Prieto, WITDOM coordinator, presenting an overview of the project

Eduarda Freire from IBM research, presenting WITDOM work on data masking:

Sujoy Sinha Roy from KU Leuven-COSIC, presenting WITDOM work on homomorphic encryption

SECODIC 2016 workshop was very succesful in terms of audience, with a room fully complete from the very early sessions in the morning.We would like to warmly thank all presenters and attendance their participation in our workshop.

Presentations of the workshop can be found below.