The Trust in the Digital World (TDW) conference

New Babylon Meeting Centre. The Hague, Netherlands

WITDOM will be present at The Trust in the Digital World (TDW) conference. 15-16 June The Hague, Netherlands.
This conference is organized by:
• EEMA, The European Association for e-Identity and Security, Europe's leading independent, trade association for e-Business, working to further e-Business technology and legislation with its European members, governmental bodies, standards organisations and e-Business initiatives.
• The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community, formed by leading industry partners and institutes, will research pilot and promote innovative trustworthy ICT environments and technologies.
• IDnext, an open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of the Digital identity.

Conference agenda is splitted in three sections: Business Innovations, Technology Applications, and Implementing Regulation & Legislation. WITDOM presentation takes place within first and under the panel Transformative IT through Agile Cloud Solutions.
Our presentation emphasizes main expected assets from WITDOM and deployment likewise. Innovations have been categorized under four main bullets: Resource-efficient cryptographic tools, Privacy metrics, Empowering users control over personal data, and European legal landscape compliance and enhancing efforts.