Updated agenda for SECODIC 2016

SECODIC 2016 the "Workshop on Secure and Efficient Outsourcing of Storage and Computation of Data in the Cloud" jointly organised by the H2020 projects WITDOM and TREDISEC at the ARES 2016 conference has an official agenda!

The workshop will take place on August 31st in Salzburg, Austria and aims at disussing the recent advances in managing security and performance in the cloud as well as protection of data at rest and in transit.

SECODIC 2016 is honored to have N. Asokan, Professor of Computer Science at Aalto University, as keynote speaker

Apart from WITDOM and TREDISEC, other remarkable research projects are participating in the workshop. Relevant representatives from PRISMACLOUD, CREDENTIAL, CLARUS and Coco Cloud will share their views in this interesting workhop, and participate in networking sessions around three main topics:

  • Private and Secure Data Storage in the Cloud
  • Private and Secure Processing in the Cloud
  • Integrity and Verifiability of Outsourced Data/Computation

Come and join us!