WITDOM 6th Management Board meeting in Tenerife

Sta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

WITDOM held its 6th Management Board meeting on March 21-23rd at Atos premises in Tenerife, Spain. The scope of the meeting revolved around five main topics:

  • The preparation of the 3rd project review meeting.
  • The status of integration of the WITDOM components. Integration progresses appropriately according to the internal workplan. Full integration of components (core and protection comp is expected at the end of April 2017.
  • The status of the five scenario use cases. Early version of prototypes are expected to be ready at the end of July 2017.
  • The validation of technology and prototypes: methodology and KPIs.
  • Exploitation business models.

WITDOM will reach in June 2017 the half of its third and final year. The consortium is expected to meet again tentatively around October 2017 to prepare the last phase of the project.

Some moments of the meeting:

An overall view of the consortium.

Jolanda Modic from XLAB presenting the status of integration

Nicolás Notario from Atos presenting the status of the prototypes of the Financial Services scenario