WITDOM enters the validation phase

While finishing the set-up of both pilots eHealth and Financial Services, the WITDOM consortium has started to define the methodology of the system validation, which will start around the month of September.
The validation will address several aspects, such as:

  • coverage of requirements and use cases .
  • end-user evaluation of prototypes and platform via usability tests
  • technical questionnaires
  • questionnaires for the evaluation of orthogonal aspects such as exploitation and legal/economical traits.
  • platform performance at system level via qualitative and quantitative KPIs.

Two kind of target users are defined for the validation:

  • Core users: the ones that are directly involved in the generation and analysis of sensitive data, and
  • Direct users: the ones that are not directly involved in the usage of prototypes and the analysis of sensitive data, but that support the core activities

The validation methodology is reported in our deliverable D2.5 - Definition of validation framework and protocols, which is now available for download. The results of its execution will be later described in the deliverable D2.6 - Final Scientific and Technical Validation of WITDOM prototypes, due in October 2017.
Previous to the system validation, the WITDOM consortium validated the solution at primitive level, as reported in our deliverable D2.4 - Final assessment of privacy framework and tools, also available for download