WITDOM Management Board meeting in Vigo

Vigo (Spain)

WITDOM held its 5th Management and Executive Board meeting in the Spanish city of Vigo on October 18-20th 2016.
Hosted by University of Vigo, the meeting dealt with these main topics:

  • Analysis of the 2nd project review and assessment of received recommendations
  • WP work plan until January 2017 (M25)
  • Approach to the 3rd project review, expected in January 2017
  • Status of deliverables due in December 2016 (M2)
  • Presentation of the eHealth use case "Alignment"
  • Integration discussion: how core components and protection components will converge for the preliminary platform in December 2016
  • Exploitation perspectives about the WITDOM offering

Some moments of the meeting:

Meeting opening: Juan Troncoso from UVIGO and WITDOM scientific coordinator welcomes all attendants in front of the project coordinator, Elsa Prieto from Atos.

Exploitation discussion: attendants split in two groups to discuss about the final WITDOM solution.

Eleonora Ciceri from FCSR presents the "DNA Alignment" use case belonging to the eHealth scenario.

The next meeting is expected to happen in March 2017 in Tenerife (Spain).