WITDOM at the SECPID 2017 (ARES 2017)

Reggio Calabria, Italy

Eduardo González from Atos presented the paper "Orchestrating Privacy Enhancing Technologies and Services with BPM Tools", which describes the role of the Data Protection Orchestrator (DPO) developed within the project. The DPO (a.k.a PO) aims at orchestrating several PETs in the data protection process, while combining end-user preferences with trade-os related to privacy, performance and utility.

The paper was presented at the 2nd Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Management in the Cloud (SECPID 2017), held on August 29th in Reggio Calabria (Italy), under the umbrella of the well-known ARES Conference. The workshop was jointly organized by the H2020 projects PRISMACLOUD and CREDENTIAL, with the support of the Data Protection, Security and Privacy (DPSP) cluster. The DPSP cluster was mainly represented by the projects MUSA, PaaSword, SERECA, SecureCloud and WITDOM.

The aim of this workshop was to provide an expert environment to discuss innovative ideas related to trustworthy services, end-to-end secure services in untrusted environment, methodologies and technologies to integrate security and privacy by design, as well as user empopwerment.

WITDOM paper and the presentation at the SECPID 2017 can be found below.