WITDOM successful 3rd review!


Today WITDOM has breezed through its third project review!

During the remote session, the consortium has presented the current status of the project after April 2017, M28 out of 36 months duration.
The review focused on the period from July 2016 and April 2017 (M19-M24), with twelve main deliverables related to the following topics:

  • The common architecture and its adaptation to the two project scenarios (eHealth and Financial Services), as well as its adaptation to the cloud
  • The preliminary implementations of the WITDOM platform and toolset
  • The progress in the WITDOM four research areas and how this research reverts into the WITDOM protection components
  • The updated assessment methodology and the validation at primitive level
  • The interim exploitation strategies

The consortium also showed by means of footage material two uses cases of the future pilots:

  1. A demo on the Financial Service scenario's use case: credit risk scoring
  2. A demo on the Genomic scenario's use case: aligment

The consortium has received very good comments on its performance, as well as constructive comments to improve the link of the legal and technical research, and also how to better pave the way for commercial actions.

The final project review is expected after December 2017.

Some moments of the remote review in Atos Madrid: