D1.2. WITDOM Internal Website and Communication Infrastructure

The present deliverable defines the internal communication goals and strategies of the project WITDOM.

The communication mechanisms are essential to support the project management activities in order to develop a cohesive collaboration environment. Communication main objective is to keep the consortium members engaged and informed, but also ensure that decisions are made according to the available information at a certain moment. Therefore, the information flow needs to be ensured and described and subsequently provided to all partners so they can act accordingly and effectively.

This document identifies the appropriate level of communication for each project stakeholder, what information should be distributed and the frequency of communications. It also describes the internal communication infrastructure (the communication channels), including the WITDOM internal website, a document management system which was introduced in the previous deliverable D1.1.

This deliverable has to be considered complementary to other management deliverables: D1.1 – WITDOM internal website, D1.3 – First Quality Plan and D1.4 - First Work Plan.