D6.1. Legal and Ethical framework and privacy and security principles

The present deliverable provides an overview and analysis of the legal and ethical framework applicable to the WITDOM project.
First it discusses the application of the European legal framework on privacy enhancing technologies, in particular the data protection and cybersecurity package.

Second the deliverable assesses ethical guidelines to support stakeholders in the advancement of central human values such as freedom, security and justice. the interaction between law, which provides formal regulatory settings, and ethical guidelines, which provide normative recourses for the interpretation of the law, is an important consideration.

In order to avoid negative impacts on fundamental rights within the chosen WITDOM scenario’s the methodology for ethical impact assessment combines an ethical risk assessment with the SPACE methodology developed in the deliverable D2.1 . Formal risk analysis methods are used to have a formal definition of ethical assets and propose countermeasures to the WITDOM strategy. To this end a distinction is made between 1) ethical issues addressed through the legal framework and 2) ethical issues addressing harms and benefits which are not already included in the law.