D7.1. Public Web Presence

The document presents the state of the WITDOM (empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents) project website as of the end of February 2015. It accompanies the real project deliverable, the project website.

The project website is the main communication channel of the project. It is intended to inform a wide audience about the project concept, activities and results (mainly in form of public deliverables and publications), contributing in this way to the awareness and impact creation objectives.

The WITDOM project website is accessible to the general public since February 2015.

This document briefly introduces the focal principles considered for the website implementation, as well as a description of its current structure. Yet, a continuous evolution of the website is expected through the project lifetime. The reason is that, as any other system, it is expected to mature organically by demand of its users. The aspiration of the consortium goes beyond a final solution at the present moment, but takes the lead of further enlargement according to their evolving needs.

The website is managed and hosted by Atos, responsible for WITDOM communication, but all partners involved in communication and dissemination tasks will contribute to make it a lively environment supporting the achievement of the project objectives.