D7.4. Second Dissemination Report and Material

The present deliverable, D7.4 – “Second Dissemination Report and Material”, summarizes the dissemination activity performed by the WITDOM consortium during the second project year, from January 2016 (M13) to December 2016 (M24), and provides the partners’ individual dissemination plans for the third year of the project, ranging from January 2017 (M25) to December 2017 (M36).

Read about our participation at the SECODIC 2016 (ARES 2016), ACM H&MMSEC, and CSA EMA 2016 conferences, and discover about our recent papers and articles

D2.3. Intermediate asessment of privacy frameworks and tools (summary)

The deliverable D2.3 provides the assessment methodology to be carried out in WITDOM in the third year of the project, detailing the validation steps and providing guidelines at both the primitive and the system level. The document also lists relevant Key performance Indicators, exemplifying them in the two project scenarios: eHealth and Financial Services.

D7.2. Dissemination Plan

The present deliverable introduces the communication and dissemination plan for the project WITDOM. These activities will take place throughout the project’s lifespan, from January 2015 (M1) to December 2017 (M36).

The WITDOM communication and dissemination lines are specifically designed to address the needs of the identified target groups (comprising vertical markets, cloud providers and security experts, among other), with several multi-faceted key messages (focused on the project outcomes, features, and innovations), and with a multi-channel approach.


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