Requirements & Design

D4.4. Final specification of system architectures for WITDOM scenarios

This deliverable includes the final scenario-specific architectural description for the use-cases of both WITDOM eHealth and Financial Services scenarios. The document updates and supersedes the previous version of the deliverable D4.3. The document first revises the generic architecture as presented in Deliverable D4.2, and discusses how this architecture fulfills the needs of both WITDOM scenarios, eHealth and Financial Services.

D4.2. Final specification of an end-to-end secure architecture

The architectural work package of WITDOM develops a flexible end-to-end secure architecturewhich forms the basis for securing use-case applications. The description of the generic architecture for processing data in untrusted domains, presented in this report, defines each component of the architecture, their responsibilities, interfaces, security properties, and dependencies with other components.

D3.1. WITDOM formalized technological requirements

This revision of Deliverable D3.1 presents the discussion on the formal technological security, privacy and verifiability requirements of WITDOM platform and scenarios, taking into account the connection with user-centric requirements and European privacy and data protection legislation.
The requirements for the WITDOM platform and the genomic and financial scenarios are classified into three categories (core research requirements, demo requirements and production requirements), according to the advancein SoTA that they convey in WITDOM.

D2.1. Requirements analysis for un-trusted environments

It includes the description of the methodology SPACE (Security and PrivAcy CodEsign) used for eliciting privacy and security requirements, an analysis of the two application scenarios (namely eHealth and Financial Services) in which the WITDOM platform will be instantiated in future stages of the project, a thorough review of the applicable security and privacy standards, a study of the scenario-specific cloud computing needs and a schematic list of the security and privacy high-level requirements for the application scenarios.

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