Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecommunications (GRADIANT)

  • Description:

    Gradiant is a private non-profit Research and Technology Center based in Vigo, Spain. Gradiant's focus is on applied research on ICT and technology transfer to industry and society. With over 100 industrial clients in portfolio and a turnover of EUR 5 million in 2014, Gradiant currently runs 50 applied R&D projects most of them under contract with industrial players. Gradiant operates since mid-2008 and staffs ca. 85 researchers as of Q1 2015, 17 of them with PhD degree. Gradiant’s ICT research and innovation activity spreads over Digital Communications, Intelligent Systems, eServices, Multimodal Information, and eHealth which result in the development of technologies applicable in a wide variety of market sectors.

    During the last three years Gradiant has participated in 8 European projects: two of them as project coordinator: LIFTGATE and MAVEN, and 6 participations as partner: SIGNED, BATS, CAESARIS and PRIPARE (FP7); SEERS and WITDOM (H2020). Gradiant is also a member of the European Technology Platforms NESSI, NetWorld2020 and NEM, and participates in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

  • Role in the project:

    Gradiant’s contribution to WITDOM is twofold. On the one hand Gradiant will enrich the project with extensive expertise in the design of secure systems following privacy-by-design principles, as well as with knowledge of privacy evaluation metrics and methodologies. On the other hand Gradiant will contribute its experience in the design and implementation of secure Cloud systems, which will be reflected in the WITDOM toolkit and prototype implementations.

  • Contact point:
    Lilian Adkinson
    • Address:Edificio CITEXVI, local 14
      Campus Universitario de Vigo
      36310 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
    • Phone:+34 986 120 430