• Description:

    The University of Vigo is a young and modern institution, created in 1990 by separation from the University of Santiago de Compostela. It is a public institution, committed to the principles of equity, solidarity, democracy and freedom. As of the academic year 2010-11, the University of Vigo was offering a great variety of degrees and diplomas to more than 20,000 students. The emphasis is primarily on science, technology, social science and law. More than 50 PhD programs are offered by the institution. The University of Vigo comprises four campuses: Vigo-Torrecedeira, Vigo-As Lagoas Marcosende, Pontevedra (approx. 25 km from Vigo) and Ourense (100 km from Vigo). The University of Vigo is particularly strong in Telecommunication Engineering, Marine Science, Biology, Business Administration and Law. In terms of research, the University consistently ranks among the top 15 in Spain out of a total of 77, and has been recently awarded one of the few “international excellence campuses” by the Spanish Government.

    The Signal Processing in Communications Group (GPSC) of the University of Vigo, led by Prof. Fernando Pérez-González, holds an active record in Multimedia Security and Information Forensics. The group has taken part in numerous European projects like CERTIMARK (FP5), ECRYPT (FP6), SATNEX (FP6) and REWIND and NIFTY (FP7), and the Spanish projects E2ERM, SEQURDOCS, FACTICA, SAFECLOUD, SPROACTIVE, COMONSENS, PRISMED, SCAPE, SCALLOPS and TACTICA, related to multimedia information security and secure signal processing. The group has hosted many information-security related international conferences, being the most recent the IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (2012). In terms of research outcomes, the members of GPSC have published more than 100 papers in leading international journals and more than 250 papers in international conferences; moreover, the group has also a very active role in terms of technology transfer, as it has filed more than 10 international patents in the last years, many of them in the field of secure signal processing and directly related to the future outcomes of WITDOM.

  • Role in the project:

    Besides acting as scientific coordinator of WITDOM, UVIGO will lead the fundamental research activities on privacy-preserving tools and technologies, primarily contributing to the research in advanced efficient cryptographic techniques for the secure processing of sensitive signals (Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain – SPED) and the development and application of Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PET) from a signal-processing perspective, areas in which UVIGO team members have an extensive research track record. UVIGO will also contribute to the architectural specification of end-to-end privacy and security solutions for WITDOM scenarios and the technical assessment of the developed solutions.

  • Contact point:
    Juan Ramón Troncoso-Pastoriza
    • Address: EE Telecomunicación
      Campus Universitario de Vigo
      36310 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain
    • Phone: +34 986 812 683
    • email:troncoso@gts.uvigo.es