• Description:

    As the European branch of IBM Research, the mission of IBM Research – Zurich is to pursue cutting-edge research for tomorrow's information technology and to cultivate close relationships with academic and industrial partners. At IBM Research – Zurich more than 30 researchers in the area of information security are focusing on cryptography, secure systems, and security management. IBM Research – Zurich played a leading role in the development of provably secure cryptographic algorithms and privacy-supporting technologies. Besides continuing cooperation with various European universities, the lab has participated regularly in projects funded by the European Union and Swiss government. Much of this research has become or had a direct influence on IBM's products and services offerings, including security in operating systems, cryptographic key-management systems, and secure online authentication solutions used by major banks.

  • Role in the project:

    IBM leads the design of the end-to-end secure architecture and its adaptation to cloud-based environments, and collaborates with the partners for its use in the the e-Health and financial scenarios. Moreover, IBM conducts cryptographic research on efficient and secure building blocks, protection of private and sensitive data, in particular with focus on integrity and verifiability of outsourced data and processes. IBM takes part in the analysis of the requirements and use-case functionality and the assessment of the developed tools and framework.

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    Christian Cachin
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      IBM Research - Zurich
      Saeumerstrasse 4
      CH-8803 Rueschlikon
    • Phone: +41-44-724-8989