• Description:
    BBVA is a multinational group providing financial services in over 31 countries and to 50 million customers throughout the world.
    The Digital Banking area primary goals are to accelerate BBVA’s transformation and to boost the development of new digital businesses
  • Role in the project:
    BBVA will propose real use cases and problems to solve in the area of retail and corporate banking that could leverage the advantages of cloud computing but maintaining a high security posture regarding integrity, confidentiality and client privacy. BBVA will participate in the Requirements Analysis & Prototypes Evaluation from the perspective of a end user of WITDOM results and specifically from a high regulated institution
    BBVA will finally perform the evaluation of WITDOM results in the context of the chosen scenarios for the chosen prototypes. BBVA will exploit their capabilities in the fields of IT Risk, Fraud and Security and its experience in final banking products using advanced tokenization and anonymization techniques in order to develop the requirements, and design the validation and engineering process through the entire duration of the research
  • Contact point:
    Luis Saiz. Head of Innovation in Security.
    • Address: Plaza de Santa Bárbara, 2. 28004, Madrid, Spain