The mission of the project PRIPARE (PReparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in REsearch) is twofold: facilitate the application of a privacy and security-by-design methodology that will contribute to the advent of unhindered usage of Internet against disruptions, censorship and surveillance, support its practice by the ICT research community to prepare for industry practice; foster risk management culture through educational material targeted to a diversity of stakeholders.

WITDOM methodology"SPACE" (Security and PrivAcy CodEsign) will follow a multi-disciplinary approach that combines the PRIPARE privacy and security-by-design methodology with the Co-creation methodology.
The combination of both methodologies will ensure that all aspects of the system engineering process are covered from a multidisciplinary view. While Co-Creation will focus on the functional aspects of the system and the interaction with all the stakeholders involved, PRIPARE will ensure that all security and privacy issues are early-identified and addressed during the whole lifecycle of both, the system and the sensitive data.

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