PRISMACLOUD (PRIvacy and Security MAintaining Services in the
is an EU Horizon 2020 research project of 42 month duration, (1st February 2015 – 1st August 2018) developing the next generation of cloud security technologies.

The project brings novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services and make them usable for providers and users. The main idea and ambition of PRISMACLOUD is to enable end-to-end security for cloud users and provide tools to protect their privacy with the best technical means possible - by cryptography.

The objectives of PRISMACLOUD are:

  • Development of cryptographic tools to protect the security of data during its lifecycle in the cloud
  • Development of cryptographic tools and methods to protect privacy of users
  • Creation of enabling technologies for cloud infrastructures
  • Development of a methodology for secure service composition
  • Experimental evaluation and validation of project results

To make its vision come true, PRISMACLOUD plans innovation in the fields of:

  • Verifiability of data and infrastructure use
  • User privacy and anonymization
  • Securing data at rest
  • Secure and efficient implementations
  • Methodology, tools and guidelines for fast adoption

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