Project advance of the State of the Art

WITDOM aims at advancing the state of the art in effective protection of personal & sensitive data in the following areas:

  • Privacy Enhancing Techniques and Privacy Metrics: One approach to achieve a certain level of privacy is by means of obfuscating the sensitive data, either by introducing noise or reducing precision. WITDOM will aim primarily at advancing methods for providing privacy guarantees even if an adversary has access to arbitrary background and secondary information (e.g., based on differential privacy), and fine-tune other complexity-dependent methods to match the life-span of Cloud-related environments.

  • Cryptographic privacy techniques supporting encrypted processing: WITDOM innovations in secure encrypted processing will mainly focus on resource efficient fully and somewhat homomorphic cryptography, also tackling and advancing encrypted cryptographic primitives like Public key Encryption with (Registered) Keyword Search and making use of Secure Multiparty Computation or Zero-Knowledge tools. WITDOM will combine and optimise these approaches to produce innovative and highly efficient data processing techniques in both financial and genetic scenarios, and overcome the current limitations in terms of full anonymisation of financial and eHealth data.

  • Cryptographic techniques for Integrity and Verifiability of outsourced processes: WITDOM will innovate in integrity and consistency guarantees (i.e., fork-linearizability and derived paradigms), currently restricted to simple storage services and with severe limitations in terms of concurrent operation. WITDOM tools will address and significantly advance verification of remote computation while respecting input privacy for multiple clients.

  • European Legal Landscape: WITDOM will closely follow the evolution with regard to the proposal for General Data Protection Regulation, studying the opinions and recommendations of the Article 29 Working Party and other authoritative opinions in pursuit of the new European framework for data protection. WITDOM will innovatively translate these legal requirements into technological requirements, hence enabling seamless assessment of legal compliance, with special emphasis on the most sensitive and critical personal data: those of financial and genetic nature.