Project Objectives

WITDOM is a project to produce a framework for end-to-end (E2E) protection of data in untrusted and fast evolving ICT-based environments.

WITDOM puts particular focus in data-outsourcing scenarios, where new threats, vulnerabilities and risks due to new uses require end-to-end security solutions that will withstand progress for the lifetime of applications they support.
This framework will be instantiated and validated in two realistic application scenarios:

  • A health scenario (eHealth) based on genetic data sharing for large research data analyses and individual outsourced clinical analyses;
  • A financial services scenario (FS) based on the management of both customers’ data and finance data of contracts as well as providing outsourced secure financial services over private and public Cloud instances.

WITDOM will deliver the following products according to three different levels:

  • General Level: this is the WITDOM framework, aligned with concurrent projects and advancing the SoTA. The WITDOM E2E framework acknowledges the following aspects:


    • Driven by Privacy by Design (PbD) principles, holistic, E2E privacy / security time-resistant, efficient solutions & guarantees.
    • Methods to quantify information leaked in traces left by crypto primitives to achieve sufficient & adequate privacy levels
    • New trustworthiness-enhanced business models for exploitation, supporting Data Protection (DP) law, leading to reduce the need for trust in third parties.

  • Practical Level: this refers to tangible results that instantiate the general outcomes. Here we mentioned the WITDOM platform.
  • Implementation Level: this refers to the toolkit and prototypes for the project scenarios (eHealth, FS), aiming at achieving a technology readiness level (TRL) 4-5.