CLOUDWatch workshop: "Towards secure and trusted cloud services in Europe"

Brussels, Belgium

This workshop brings together EC-­‐funded initiatives in the area of data protection, security and privacy in the cloud in order to work towards defining a set of cloud standards profiles which focus on addressing security issues.

CloudWATCH will present the current status of our development of cloud standards profiles based on an analysis of the cloud landscape
Participants highlight their security priorities, and work together to identify which of our current cloud standards profiles resonate best with them, or whether new profiles would be more suitable.

The outcome of the overall meeting outcome will see the participants actively contributing to and working on the cloud standards profiles they have identified with. Results from the workshop will feed into CloudWATCH results which are contributing to IEEE’s P2301 Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profileswhich assist cloud computing vendors and users in developing, building, and using standards-­‐based cloud computing products and services, which should lead to increased portability, commonality, and interoperability.

New projects and customers will be able to use the analysis to quickly and easily identify the appropriate profiles.

For more information about the event and the registration, please visit the following website