WITDOM at the EAHL2017

Bergen, Norway

Griet Verhenneman from KU Leuven gave the talk titled "Outsourcing Genomic Data. Trust in the untrusted" at the recent edition of the Conference of the European Association of Health law (EAHL2017), held in Bergen, Norway, on September 29th.

In this presentation Verhenneman explained how to create trust in untrusted environments from a legal point of view, in particular the GDPR requirements when outsourcing health data. The WITDOM legal research, especially legal and ethical requirements elicited in WITDOM and how they were addressed in the project, were also presented.

The presentation can be downloaded below.
For more information on our legal research, read our deliverables D6.1 - "Legal and Ethical framework and privacy and security principles" and D6.2 - "Legal requirements on privacy, data protection and security in WITDOM scenarios".