WITDOM: Empowering Privacy and Security in Non-trusted Environments

J.R. Troncoso (UVIGO), E. Prieto (Atos)

Published in the online ERCIM News No.104

Abstract:The WITDOM project (empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD environments) develops innovative technical solutions for secure and privacy-preserving processing of genomic and financial data in untrusted environments.

The advent of outsourced and distributed processing environments like the Cloud is prompting fundamental transformations in whole ICT ecosystems, while bringing new opportunities to stakeholders in terms of the availability and rational use of physical resources with large-scale savings in IT investments. Conversely, it also poses new security challenges, especially for ensuring robust protection of privacy and integrity of personal information, which are essential for societal acceptance of new ICT schemes, services and solutions..

In this context, the WITDOM project focuses on developing innovative solutions for truly efficient and practical privacy enhancing techniques and efficient signal and data processing in the encrypted domain for outsourced environments. WITDOM’s main goal is to produce a framework for end-to-end protection of data in untrusted environments, with a particular focus on data-outsourcing scenarios where new threats, vulnerabilities and risks due to new uses require end-to-end security solutions that will withstand progress for the lifetime of applications they support.